Getting Started: Your brand new stashcord will come packaged with a nifty ribbon pre-installed. If you follow the three steps below, you will be up and running in about two seconds. If you don't have a ribbon, don't worry! When threading the headphone cord through for the first time, we like to hold the stashcord vertically at the label and feed the jack in from the top until it pops out the other end. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  If your stashcord is creased at all, just straighten it out a bit so the cord can pass through a little easier. If you have a bent or angled jack, view the video below to see how the ribbon can be used to set up your earbuds.



The Loop: If you're storing the cord on its own (not plugged into anything), you can slip the jack back up through the label to form a loop (which makes un-stashing even faster).


Stash It: Of course, you can wind your stashcord around your device, but why wind when you can stash? Trust us, you don't need to take the extra time to wind or wrap anymore... you're living tangle-free now!