Do you feel that small recurring problems in your life are worth solving?

You're not alone.

Simple but brilliant.
— Ivan, UK

At some point you realize life is too short and time spent on small problems is still time wasted. We noticed we were wasting a few minutes every day untangling our headphones. We thought this daily headache was worth solving, and so we created a solution called stashcord. Stashcord exists to make sure you enjoy your earbuds whenever you need them.

stashcord family

We are a husband-and-wife design team who love discovering simple and elegant solutions to common problems and making them available to the public. Our backgrounds are in product design and while we own and operate a couple of businesses, this is our first product venture. You know, sometimes it’s OK to think small, so long as you're doing good and having fun. Our son and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) makes sure of that!

Thanks for learning more about us. Sign up for a discount below and get ready to enjoy your earbuds!

A simple, easy-to-use cover for my headset that keeps the cord from tangling and allows me to more easily find and put on my headset.
— Theresa, FL