1. Will a stashcord fit my particular headphones/earbuds?

 Stashcords work with most versions of earbud-style headphones/headsets, including those sold with iPhones and iPods.  But to be sure, if you look at all the thickest/fattest parts of your headphones (like the jack, microphone, volume control and/or any non-removable clips) and check that they would fit through a tube as wide as a dime, then you should be all set! (Remember, the earbuds themselves don't have to fit through the stashcord.)

2. How do I get the headphone cord into my new stashcord?

You'll feed the headphones, starting at the "jack," into the stashcord at the end with the label. We find it's easiest if you hold the stashcord vertically at the label, and feed the jack in from the top until it pops out the other end.  If your stashcord is creased at all, just straighten it out a little so the cord can pass through better. You can also see our instructions here for other tips.

3. My headphones have a bent jack, can I use a stashcord?

Yes. It takes slightly more time than a straight jack but it is possible. You'll need a pencil or pen handy then you can follow the steps below.

4. Can I wash my stashcord if it gets dirty?

Sure. Machine wash cold and air dry (or tumble dry low, but they dry pretty fast).

5. Where are stashcords manufactured?

Stashcords are made in the USA, right here in Chicago.  

6. Where can I buy a stashcord?

All stashcords are sold online exclusively at stashcord.com. A few colors can be found on Amazon.

7. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Please contact us with your request: sales@design-union.com

8. I'm so excited... I can't wait! How long will it take for me to get my stashcord?

Most orders ship next business day and then take two to three business days for delivery by USPS (in the U.S.).

9. Do you ship to locations outside the U.S.?

Yes, we do. Just select International Shipping at checkout.

10. I love how little packaging there was with my new stashcord (and that it's recyclable, too). Thanks.

Ok, that's not a question, but we appreciate the spirit! We do try to make all of our decisions with an eye on the environmental effects. Thanks for noticing.