DU CHAIR / Studio Project

Chair as canvas

There are thousands of chair designs so its pretty reasonable to assume when creating a chair design you are not really trying to solve the ‘problem’ of seating. Our intent was to create a chair that is representative of our era and attempt to capture the spirit of what makes this time and place unique.

The DU Chair is a platform for seating and expression. The white ‘ribbon’ can be viewed as a canvas that is just begging for an inspired user to leave their mark, think threadless meets chair.

Design for disassembly

While a design can strive for timeless aesthetic, in the grand scheme of things all objects are ephemeral. With that in mind we intentionally created a chair that reveals its structure in a frank and simple way. There is no mystery as to how this chair is put together. Because of that, the hope is, at the end of its life its material nutrients can be returned and reconstituted into a new expression of seating for a future time and place.