Raising Money for a Startup?

So, you and a few friends have an idea for a company. Your next action should be to watch this video. You'll learn how to think about what you are worth before approaching investors. You'll also learn about share distributions before and after an investor gets involved. Good stuff! This video is brought to you by the fine folks at the Khan Academy where you can learn almost anything for free.  

Revisiting the Art of Work.. GTD

I've been a productivity geek for years. I own (and use) a label maker, I have a shelf full of books on the subject and my iPhone has more podcasts, apps and ebooks on productivity than I care to admit. But there is one resource I come back to again and again. The youtube video of David Allen speaking at Google. I wouldn't say it's the most inspiring talk ever but there are some real gems that reveal themselves to you especially after you've been doing GTD for a few years. I think his control / perspective matrix is genius. The big insight for me is too much control can put you out of control. The first time I read his book, Getting Things Done, I watched this video and thought I understood his point. It wasn't until about a year later that I realized I was missing something. I began to notice that I really dreaded doing the weekly reviews, they were time consuming and left me feeling more stressed.  Too much control put me out of control. What I needed was a healthy does of perspective.

Enjoy the video!

The control / perspective portion starts at 24 min.