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The headphone market place is overwhelming. If you search headphones on amazon you will encounter over a million results! Understandably it can be difficult to make a choice. Before embarking on that search ask yourself what's really wrong with the ones I have? If sound quality is what you seek then it is probably best to limit your search to On-Ear headphones because generally on ear headphones are less affected by an individual's ear anatomy and the sound quality is more consistent from person to person. An On-Ear headphone search on Amazon results in 199,000 options give or take. 

There is a downside to consider when buying On-Ear headphones and that is bulk. They are significantly larger than earbuds and not something you could fit in your pocket or small bag. They are better suited to stationary listening in a chair or lying on your back.

On Ear headphones are not great for scenarios like travelling, commuting, exercising or lying on your side with a cozy audiobook. If these kinds of scenarios appeal to you then head on over to our best earbuds page for factors to consider when purchasing earbuds.